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Every year in the U.S, over 10 million patients are affected by the leading cause of preventable hospital death known as Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT. Over 100,000 deaths per year are associated to hospital acquired DVTs, as well as over half a billion dollars in spending nationally on ineffective mechanical prophylaxis treatments. The FlexSpark DVT prevention device uses a wireless on-leg electrical muscle stimulation system that makes compliance the priority – allowing for speedier recoveries and better patient outcomes.

Our Features

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Unprecedented Portability

• Easy to use; comfortable to wear

• Lithium ion rechargeable battery

• Lightweight: less than half a pound

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All-In-One Control Unit

• Enables custom stimulation protocols based on each patient’s needs

• NMES provides superior venous return when compared to current hospital standards

• Multi-channel stimulation


Unlimited Possibilites

• Customized treatment settings for each patients.

Why Choose Us?

Our device is a wireless on-leg electrical muscle stimulator that makes compliance the priority. This improves patient outcomes, leading to decreased hospitalization and associated costs. The FlexSpark system allows for a better user experience:

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Increased Compliance

More comfortable than the current standard and live compliance tracking via our application makes compliance the priority.

Increased Effectiveness

Secondary data suggests neuromuscular electrical stimulation may be almost twice as effective at improving blood flow when compared to the SCD standard.

Easier To Use

Designed with nurse and patient in mind, our wireless sleeve can be applied in under a minute. Our wireless design does away with bulky pumps and tubes. It’s as simple as pressing a button!

How It Works

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